5 Tips To Conducting Better Performance Reviews

Tips To Conducting Better Performance Reviews
Tips To Conducting Better Performance Reviews

1. Ask For Feedback- Tips To Conducting Better Performance Reviews

Employees have expressed they feel a lack influence over their performance review and many fear being surprised by negative feedback. Surprises occur when there is little to no interaction between review sessions and if the person who hosts the review isn’t directly connected to the employee’s everyday work. Even worse, 40% of employees dislike employee reviews because they come from a single point of view. Before conducting the employee’s performance review, ask their fellow staff members for input.

Ask about the employee’s performance goals, their key accomplishments and how they can improve further. We like to call these type of reviews 360s. A 360-degree employee evaluation process provides a holistic view of an employee by gathering feedback from an employee’s manager, peers and direct reports.

2. Take Your Time, Slow Down- Tips To Conducting Better Performance Reviews

Allocate enough time to reflect on an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and factor in his or her input. As managers know, it’s easy to overlook an individual’s accomplishments made earlier in the review period. You can avoid this pitfall and make evaluations easier by creating a record of performance-related events as they occur or by using a performance management system that allows you to easily give constant consistent feedback.

3. Give Specific Examples- Tips To Conducting Better Performance Reviews 

When it’s necessary to address an employee’s opportunities, use specific examples.  Instead of saying, “Your attitude seems negative at work” try, “The customer you dealt with on August 25th said you were hostile on the phone when he needed help.” Keep the focus on actual facts and details that can help employees improve specific aspects of their performance.

These examples will ensure the appraisal is understood and will give employees clear goals for the future. With 53% of surveyed employees believing reviews do not motivate them to work harder, it’s important to be positive and helpful in critiques. When you provide specific examples, slow down and ask for feedback, performance reviews become constructive and engaging conversation.

4. Make Sure Feedback Is Unique For Each Individual- Tips To Conducting Better Performance Reviews

Adapt your evaluation style to the personalities of individual staff members. For example, highly confident A-Players may be more motivated with an important new task or assignment. On the other hand, less confident staff members could be energized by praise and reassurance. Don’t avoid offering constructive criticism to more sensitive employees, but balance negative feedback with positive comments. The more you tailor your reviews to the individual, the more understood the team as a whole feels.

5. Find Solid Solutions- Tips To Conducting Better Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews are intended to reward strong performance and address problems as they arise. With this in mind, be receptive to doing whatever’s necessary, to help employees improve. For example, if a saleswoman needs to strengthen her soft selling skills, explore internal mentoring options or additional training opportunities for her.

In those situations, speak with her team members and be sure it’s not a challenge her colleagues are experiencing as well. Performance reviews are more than a one-on-one learning session; they are windows into sometimes hidden parts of your organization. Really tap into the needs, concerns and aspirations of your team and take these findings as opportunities to retain A-Players and develop a succession plan for your company.

Although employee evaluations can often seem like a burden, keep in mind that the amount of time and effort invested in the process will pay off in the form of improved performance, stronger relationships with team members and a clearer view of your company.

Collected & Edited By: Customer Service HR Strategy Viet Nam

Source: https://blog.clearcompany.com/5-tips-to-conducting-better-performance-reviews


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