Architectural Job Interview Tips

Architectural Job Interview Tips
Architectural Job Interview Tips

Do Your Research about the company you applied for Architectural Job

Prior to the interview, search for background information on the firm. Review the website for the company’s mission statement, history, client list and project examples. Conduct an Internet and news search for information such as awards and other honors, profiles of the company or interviews with people from the firm. Using this information, give examples of how you’re a good fit for the company’s values and goals. When the interviewer asks you if you have any questions, refer to some of the most noteworthy information you uncovered. For example, if the firm recently won an award for eco-friendly architecture, ask about the firm’s work with environmentally responsible design.

Review Your Portfolio

In an architecture interview, the strength of your design portfolio plays as large a role as how well you answer the interviewer’s questions. Evaluate the diversity and relevance of the samples you include. Focus on designs that match the kind of work the firm specializes in. For example, if the company only takes on luxury homes, omit commercial designs such as supermarkets or restaurants. However, you should also demonstrate your versatility by including a wide range of work. For example, include both modern and traditional designs. Also, be prepared to discuss the specifics of the samples you include.

Focus on Communication Skills

Even if you spend much of your time at your drafting table, employers want to see that you also excel at teamwork and that you can interact with clients. Devote as much attention to your communication skills and image as you do your portfolio. Enlist a friend to help you conduct a mock interview, where you can practice the responses you’ve prepared for common interview questions and become more comfortable selling an employer on your qualifications. Ask your friend to evaluate your presentation. Should you make more eye contact or shake hands more firmly, for example? Practice your delivery so you can show employers you’ll make a good impression when meeting clients.

Assess Your Skills

A face-to-face interview is your one chance to persuade an employer that you have something to offer no other applicant does. If your skill set is out of date or not relevant to the job, however, this will be obvious during your conversation with the interviewer. Before the interview, review the job posting and research what architectural firms are seeking in prospective employees. Choose several skills and prepare examples illustrating how you’ve used them at previous jobs and how you fit the position’s requirements.

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