How to Implement Motivation for Achievement in the Workplace

How to Implement Motivation for Achievement in the Workplace
How to Implement Motivation for Achievement in the Workplace

Motivation directly relates to the achievement of employees in the workplace. Achievement in the workplace deals with the pride and sense of accomplishment employees feel about their jobs and employers. Managers who notice a decline in achievement must take proactive steps to implement strategies to increase motivation and employee morale. Neglecting to motivate employees results in dissatisfied workers, which hurts productivity and causes employee turnover.

Recognize Employees -How to Implement Motivation for Achievement in the Workplace

Employee recognition goes a long way toward increasing and maintaining achievement. Employees who are valued for their contributions desire to continue contributing and striving for success. Managers who never thank their employees only cause a decline in motivation. Managers do not need to purchase extravagant gifts as a way to motivate employees. A simple thank you for a job well done makes an employee feel like a valuable part of the team. Other ways to recognize employees include a paid day off, a card expressing gratitude and flexibility in work schedules. Employee recognition is most effective when employees are earning fair wages and when the recognition is sincere.

Quality of Life- How to Implement Motivation for Achievement in the Workplace

Employers who emphasize quality of life motivate employees toward achieving high levels of productivity. Many employees worry about how to balance their work duties and personal lives, and these concerns can negatively affect morale and performance. Employers can implement flexible schedules and give employees the ability to periodically work from home to promote quality of life. Incorporating quality-of-life strategies in the workplace allows employees to remain focused on completing their duties.

Provide Personalized Coaching- How to Implement Motivation for Achievement in the Workplace

Employees lack motivation when they are not performing well but are unsure of what they are doing wrong. Providing personalized coaching helps employees improve their performance and achieve organizational goals. A primary way to help employees improve their performance is to offer feedback. Unlike an employee appraisal, feedback should occur close to the time an employee completes a task. Managers should provide feedback based on actual performance and not biased opinions. Employees who sense a manager is biased when offering feedback will further lack the motivation needed to achieve goals. When providing feedback, an employer should listen and address the employee’s concerns.

Monetary Incentive- How to Implement Motivation for Achievement in the Workplace

Although many nonmonetary techniques work well to motivate employees to achieve, it is hard to ignore the role money plays in employee motivation. Monetary incentives, such as profit sharing and performance bonuses, motivate employees to render quality products, high levels of productivity and innovative and creative processes. Providing monetary incentives directly benefits the organization because highly productive employees positively impact the company’s bottom line. Employees should receive monetary bonuses based on their performance. Depending on money alone without implementing other employee motivation techniques only motivates employees for a short time.


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