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Dear Valued Candidates,


Our Client is a Company in Garment Industry. They are looking for Supply Chain Director

  • Work Location: HCM
  • Report: directly to the Deputy General Director



  • Planning, implementing, operating and monitoring supply and processing activities to quickly, fully accurately respond to demand for raw materials for fiber, fabric, carpentry, and chemicals, textile, dyeing, spare parts, machinery, technical equipment, fuel – for production and business activities of the company.
  • Advising the leaders in the selection of supply contracts, selection of subcontractors, advising on prices, raw material market situation as well as policies and strategies on production and business activities of the company.
  • Operating, organizing and deploying all day-to-day operations of the Supply – Processing Department.
  • Ensuring the supply of goods on time, in sufficient and accurate quantity according to required specifications at reasonable prices.
  • Collecting information, maintaining and developing relationships with partners in order to achieve the goal of supplying the most profitable goods for the Company’s production and business activities in each specific period.
  • Promptly responding to BODs to make sure the cost control is effective and the Company’s plan for cost control and reduction is really feasible.
  • Directly negotiating and selecting domestic and foreign suppliers to submit to the BODs.
  • Regularly conducting surveys and expanding the supply and types of goods at storage to achieve the general profit target of the Company.
  • Periodically or irregularly reporting to the General Director and Deputy General Director about the supply – processing activities of the Company.
  • Directly leading the staffs in the department to perform the tasks of each positon.
  • Contacting the Finance – Accounting department to plan financial and payment method, payment deadline during contract performance.
  • Contacting all other departments in the company to accurately determine the required supplies and information about the supply schedule.
  • Contacting the HR department to suggest resolving policies according to company regulations.
  • Directly contacting with domestic and abroad trade representative offices to capture information about markets, goods, prices, suppliers, …
  • Other tasks assigned by the Deputy GD.



  • Education: Bachelor degree or higher in Foreign Trade, Economics, Business Management or related majors.
  • At least 3 years in Management and Administration. Experience in the fabric industry is an advantage
  • Proficient in English (4 skills)
  • Ability to work under high pressure, highly disciplined
  • Ability to analyze and synthesize to forecast the market volatility of raw materials and have the skills to plan and organize implementation



  • Salary: $3000 – $4000, depends on candidate’s experience and qualifications.
  • More details will be discussed during the interview.


If it suits you or your friends in career path, please apply your Resume (CV) to Email: winwin01@hrstrategy.vn or call/zalo/viber to: 0914376881 (Mr Tung) for more information and further supports.

Thanks a lot.

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