5 Different Types of Motivation That Managers Use to Inspire Employees

5 Different Types of Motivation That Managers Use to Inspire Employees
5 Different Types of Motivation That Managers Use to Inspire Employees

Raises can be a great motivator for your workforce – if your company can afford them. But money isn’t always the key to employee happiness. Managers can inspire their employees in a variety of ways. Many of these methods do not cost a dime, but do require time and attention.


Besides hard cash, you can motivate employees through recognition, coaching, leadership opportunities, success and breaks from the norm.

Recognition for a Job Well Done

Recognition of a job well-done is a great way to inspire employees, and most people respond really well to it. Recognition costs managers nothing and, to employees that feel under-appreciated, can mean everything. Praise doesn’t need to be lavish or excessive, but keep track of employee achievement and publicly recognize it.

Coaching, Training and Mentoring

Many strategies that managers use to inspire people don’t cost much money, and that’s why they are effective: they require an investment of the manager’s own time. Coaching is one way in which managers can utilize their time as a motivational tool. Sit down one-on-one with employees facing challenges and opportunities at your company and talk it through with them. Offer non-judgmental constructive criticism to help them improve and praise where it’s deserved.

Leadership Opportunities

If you can’t offer raises to top-performing employees, you can still give them compensation in the form of leadership opportunities. Promoting your best employees to positions of higher authority can inspire them to continue their excellent work. This can also help you retain great employees by presenting them with new challenges. Those who get bored in their current positions might soon look elsewhere for more dynamic work opportunities.

Breaks from the Norm

Professional inspiration can also come from taking a break from the daily grind. There are a variety of ways to give employees a chance to recharge their batteries and escape from the norm, including office fun days, casual days and company events. You can even break up the work week with professional development by scheduling on-site and off-site seminars. Not only will employees learn something, they’ll also feel they’re getting a reprieve from the normal day’s work.

Importance and Optimism

Successful businesses strive to inspire employees by conveying a sense of importance and optimism about their current work. Employees are hungry for success stories and enjoy sharing their successes in the media, or simply with customers through the company’s website and social media conversations. Share with employees your own company’s successes to inspire greater efforts and give them a sense of pride. If its been a tough quarter, share the successes of a company similar to your own in a different market to inspire optimism about the future.


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