Recruiter job interview questions

Recruiter job interview questions
Recruiter job interview questions

How do you know if a candidate is the right fit for a specific position?

As a recruiter, your primary role is to find new, qualified applicants. The interviewer wants to see if you do this successfully.

“Finding the right fit stems from knowing exactly what the position entails, the applicant’s strengths and what characteristics the ideal candidate would possess. Once you have a concrete understanding of those things, finding the right person for the job comes naturally. “

What kind of criticism have you been given by your managers in previous positions? How appropriate is that feedback?

Receiving constructive criticism is a natural part of a professional environment. The interviewer wants to see how you handle receiving feedback and putting it to use.

“The criticism I received in one of my previous positions was to not overextend myself. The feedback was fitting because I had the tendency to offer a helping hand to anyone in need. I have learned that you can’t be everything for everybody. I was glad to receive this criticism early on so that the quality of my work didn’t suffer due to spreading myself too thin. I think with all criticism it’s important to assess the accuracy and see how you can learn and grow from it moving forward.”

What is your interviewing process?

You need to show that you are a skilled interviewer and have a process that results in hiring quality applicants.

“My interviewing process has several components. First, and foremost, I watch non-verbal cues such as the candidate’s attire, body language, handshake, etc. Next, along with asking standard interview questions I like to ask behavioral questions. I use these questions to assess things like time and stress management and professional accomplishments. Lastly, I use open-ended, non leading questions to find out more about the candidate’s personality and see if they would fit well into our company culture.”

What are the most important characteristics for a recruiter to possess?

The interviewer wants to see if you know what skills are required in order to succeed as a recruiter. Be sure to answer with traits you possess.

“I would say the most important characteristic is maintaining a standard of professionalism. As recruiters, we must be a good representation of the company to new and prospective employees. Another characteristic that is equally important is the ability to network and build relationships successfully. It’s rare that the perfect candidate comes our way through the traditional sense of submitting an application online right when we need them. The more people you know and know well, the larger the pool of talent to choose from. The last characteristic I would say is being observant. We must pay attention to small details so that we catch any red flags and screen candidates effectively.”

What tools do you prefer to use for recruitment?

The interviewer wants to know what avenues you use to go about finding and obtaining new candidates.

“I think in such a digital age using technology and social media can be beneficial. I use LinkedIn primarily to find prospective candidates since that platform is geared towards the professional world. Also, I believe strongly in internal hiring. I think it’s essential to take full advantage of the resources already available within the company. Additionally, I have a very extensive network to tap into when searching for new hires. I think it’s vital to go above and beyond the bare minimum of just posting jobs and expecting the perfect candidate to come along.”

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