Welcome to HR Strategy and Experience Our Culture

Welcome to HR Strategy and Experience Our Culture
Welcome to HR Strategy and Experience Our Culture

If facilities and equipment are the “body” of the business, the “soul” of the business is the corporate culture. People often use “law” and “society culture” as two important tools to manage a country. And similarly, one can use “regulations” and “corporate culture” to manage a business.

“Different trees have different flowers; different families have different situations”. Enterprises all have their own characteristics, special people, thereby forming, maintaining and developing the “unique” corporate culture of each enterprise. Corporate culture is an intangible asset of the enterprise, contributing to the great strength of the enterprise. Corporate culture is deeply rooted in trust, so it plays an important role in implementing the goals and tasks of the organization. The importance of corporate culture is to create strength from within the collective, outside the organization, in each individual. For HR Strategy, corporate culture is clearly reflected in the company’s orientation, environment and regular activities here, every day going to work is not only to experience but also to connect and have fun together.

I. Orientation for development

When a new business is established, all the energy is focused on pushing the business boat away from the shore and avoiding being hit by the waves again. However, after the boat has set sail, and the pressure of being pushed back to shore has subsided, people will begin to ask the questions: “Where are we going?” . For a talented captain, they can base on the chart, compass, look at the stars, see the wind direction … to find the direction for the boat to pair at the expected port. So what do business owners base to orient their business to the edge of success? That is the direction of the company, and the direction of HR Strategy is:

1. Business model “Incubator”

Among the four corporate culture models ( https://cempartner.com/vi/cem-partner-blog/4-mo-hinh-van-hoa-doanh-nghiep.html ),  the “Incubator” model is oriented towards people and equality. This has described the corporate culture as an incubator for members to develop their own abilities and create relationships on their own. Employees are free to be creative and they will not be constrained or forced to follow any style, promoting their ability to self-study, self-research and self-improve. In other words, this model emphasizes on “employees’ continuous development potential”, people are the root to create common development for the company.

Vision. Mission. Core value

Vision: We believe that the company will become a leader in providing HR services and will be a trusted place for all valuable customers.

Mission: The service increases benefits for partners, candidates and learners.

Core Value: Love, Passion, Solidarity, Learn, Share.

Slogan: People Capability First, Profit Will Follow

Believing in each people, HR Strategy believes that benefits only come when we cultivate good values. For customers and candidates, we must gain trust from the effectiveness and benefits that HR Strategy brings, thereby creating a strong bond between the two parties. For employees, HR Strategy creates a friendly environment, nurturing from skills to soul, from which they will be dedicated to bringing mutual benefits.

II. Environment of harmony

Building an effective working environment is building a successful corporate culture. An effective corporate culture creates an environment conducive to employee and organizational development. If employees work in an environment where they are happy, respected, trusted and feel proud to be part of the business, they will do excellent work.

Green environment:

To create a friendly and comfortable environment, HR Strategy chooses natural green as the main color. Green makes us feel comfortable, has the effect of helping our psyche to be more stable and stable. Green also has the effect of reducing eye pressure, improving muscle movement, in addition to having a positive mood-directing effect and alleviating fatigue.

Besides, every Monday, the company will change colors with new flowers that match the theme of each week. It is said “As each person has its own characteristics, each flower has its own language to speak of its quality”, in addition to the effect of adding color on the green background, new flowers every week create a new and comfort feeling. That will boost weekly work efficiency.

Environment without age gap:

At HR Strategy, the generation gap does not exist. Each person always calls each other by brother or sister to create intimacy, closeness, create a more comfortable space for people to connect with each other. Sometimes it is a small conversation, other times it will be gentle and dedicated instruction. Through this, HR Strategy becomes an environment that converges the experiences of the veterans emplyees and the creativity of the young generation, creating collective harmony and adapting to the constant innovations of the market.

Environment without gap between positions and departments:

Besides being a “generationless” environment, HR Strategy is also an environment where there is no gap from the top leaders to the smallest employees. The image of leaders sitting with employees during lunch, laughing and joking is not too strange, it is a daily image that takes place at the company. At work, leaders can sometimes be strict, but outside of working hours, they become the “leader” in recreational activities. Apart from the gap between ranks and departments. Although they are working separately, they are working together. Everyone always shares information to support each other in their work (except for confidential information, of course). Sometimes at work, there are also different difficulties, but there will still be laughter to motivate each other and help each other up in new spirit to be determined for the victory.

Trusting environment

“The first job of a leader – at work or at home – is to inspire trust. It’s to bring out the best in people by entrusting them with meaningful stewardships, and to create an environment in which high-trust interaction inspires creativity and possibility.”

― Stephen M.R. Covey, The Speed of Trust: The One Thing that Changes Everything

“Trust” is one of the most powerful motivators in the workplace. HR Strategy believes that with empowerment, it is more valuable to allow its employees the freedom to act as they want than to keep track of their every move and evaluate their results. So far, HR Strategy still believes in its decision.

III. Repetitive activities

Environment plays an important role in shaping corporate culture, and the routines within a company are just as important. To be able to know what the corporate culture in a place is like, the activities that often repeat there will be most evident.

Good morning when coming to the company and good evening when getting off work:

Every morning at HR Strategy is always filled with happy greetings, and at the end of work, good wishes for the evening. Even if they are just simple and small messages, they will help you feel like a new day starts with more joy and happiness as well as be motivated to face challenges and accept opportunities ahead. That is also the first premise to create a connection between members.

Weekly meeting every Monday:

Every Monday meeting of the company will consist of two parts: the first part is the main business – related to business like any other company. The next part is a meeting for all employees (including interns): This is a meeting about reviewing useful books, sharing good sayings and practicing virtue together.

Monday’s Outfit:

At HR Strategy, everyone will wear formal business attire from Monday to Thursday. However, on Mondays, the uniform is a white shirt for men and for the female members it is an ao dai with a pink lotus motif. Through it, people show the will to be united, and white also represents new spirit, new strength to cope with new challenges that are approaching.

Free style on Friday:

As a harmonious environment between generations, Friday will be the time when HR Strategy shows an environment filled with personality colors, that is when people are free to dress (within a polite framework). Each person’s personality is different, but it has created an environment full of personality and color for HR Strategy.

Daily reading:

Our goal is to train the mind and morale of each employee. Therefore, every day the members of HR Strategy will spend the first hour of every morning when they come to the company to read books, and then share meaningful stories with the group: “Read books every day with HR Strategy –     Headhunter”

(https://www.facebook.com/groups/748138775618819/). With our company’s culture of reading 10 pages of books a day, HR Strategy wants to spread this valuable reading to the community, to those who love books and want to change their lives for the better, please join the group facebook: “read books with HR Strategy”. Let’s read and recap good content with HR Strategy to help each of us apply it in life and work.

Snack time:

We always want to help employees work effectively 8 hours a day (8am – 12pm and 13h – 17h30). Therefore , every day from 16h – 16h30 is the snack time of HR Strategy. This is very important to replenish energy to work until the end of the day (besides a 1-hour lunch break at about 12:00 – 13:00). This is not only a time to recharge with food, but also to recharge mentally through conversations with other members.

Other activities:

Understanding the importance of teambuilding activities, HR Strategy also has events to organize such activities often on occasions such as birthday parties, month-end parties and year-end trips. Thereby, the members will become more connected with each other, create motivation to work, improve the efficiency of benefits for customers.

Walking Club (at least 2km per day):

HR Strategy is interested in exercising every day by challenging each other to “strengthen the body”. A healthy mind is only found in a healthy body, energy is highly concentrated when your body is healthy.

Every job has its own set of challenges. To bring the best benefits to customers, first of all, there must be the dedication and enthusiasm of every member of the business. To that end, the importance of corporate culture cannot be denied.

I am a member of HR Strategy family and feel it deeply in creating a collective culture of  Heart, Body and Mind.

Together we improve ourselves every day and try to do our best to bring value to our clients, candidates, students, and individuals in our lovely team. If you are interested, come to us immediately.


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